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Thank you for your interest in SWS!


We are so very fortunate that SWS has been a thriving democratic program within BHS for 50 years, and it is always evolving based on the interests and needs of our students. 


SWS is comprised of 120 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who take part of their schedule in SWS, and part of their schedule in the mainstream of BHS. All SWSers take their English classes in SWS (in addition to at least one other class), are part of SWS Advisory, and participate in a weekly SWS Town Meeting. 


SWS students include artists, musicians, athletes, actors, activists, writers, and every type of student at BHS. SWSers include students in honors courses, standard courses, AP courses, co-taught courses, METCO, African American and Latinx Scholars, Steps to Success, and more. 


SWS strives to be a caring community, rooted in democratic principles, offering rigorous academic experiences, and a fun and supportive environment. 


Admission to SWS is through a lottery. We believe that all students should have an equal opportunity to take part in the program, and our democratic values lead us to conclude that a lottery system is the most equitable approach to determine who will be in SWS. 


If you have any questions about SWS or the admissions process, please feel free to reach out to a current SWS student, a SWS staff member, or the SWS Coordinator:

Click here to access the SWS Admissions Packet!

Dan Bresman, SWS Coordinator

SWS Admissions Committee

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