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SWS Traditions and Activities

The culture and traditions of SWS have been passed down and redefined through each successive generation of students for over fifty years. Each year, we host a number of events that remain part or our rich history and work to build a stronger community together. 

Orientation Picnic:

Each spring, SWS hosts an orientation picnic where new students have the opportunity to meet with current SWSers to play games and eat lunch. This picnic is the first "passing of the torch" event where returning students have the opportunity to answer questions from new members. 












SWS Day Away:

Community is at the heart of everything that we do as a program. Each fall and spring, SWS students spend a day away from the main BHS campus to build community by eating together, sharing our written work, and playing. games. 



Lounge Shows:

Each month, SWS hosts an "open mic" night for students to share their written work, perform music, or just sit back and listen to their peers. These Lounge Shows are one of SWS must treasured traditions. 





Every winter, the faculty and student participate and share their talents in an SWS exclusive talent show. This is the one time of year that students and staff get to hear Dan play his mouth trumpet and watch Keira wow everyone with her Irish step-dancing.




















SWS Prom: 

SWS isn't fancy, but a themed dance party with games and trivia. (Don't worry - you can still go to regular prom!).

SWS Graduation:

In addition to the main school graduation, SWS seniors participate in a program-based ceremony. At this graduation, students "graduate" each other, with each student reading a few nice words about the next student to receive their diploma. 










Welcome Back Paper Reading:

At its core, SWS is an academic program and we believe in "doing more." Each September, SWS students and faculty return to campus a day early to share the papers based on their summer reading. 


Orientation Picnic, 2021


Fall Day-Away at the  Brookline Teen Center, 2019

2021 SWS Orientation

2012 SWS Graduation at Pierce School

2019  Frolics


2021 Frolics (in MLK Room)

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